Uh-oh, no sound, you can’t hear anything! A thousand thoughts go through your mind. Is my hearing aid dead? Where will I get the money to get a new one? Has my hearing got worse?

Now all these things are possible, but there is also a good chance you might just need your hearing instruments cleaned by a professional. Over time, wax and dead skin can build up in the hearing instrument(s), which can block sound from getting in or out of the hearing instrument.

Your tubes could have become hard from skin oils and need to be changed or you might even have some corrosion build up in your hearing instrument(s). Regular cleanings are also a way for your hearing instrument specialist to monitor your hearing instruments, catch possible problems and fix them before they become an issue. Keeping a regular cleaning schedule will help extend the life of your hearing instrument(s). In our practice, we recommend all of our clients to come in and have their hearing instrument(s) cleaned every 2 to 3 months. This allows our clients to continue hearing better without as many unexpected interruptions as you may have encountered without regular cleanings.