Words cannot say how thankful we are to you, for volunteering, your time and expertise. We, my husband and I have great hearing aids, made by Starkey. But the best hearing aids in the world, are only as good as those who do the hearing test, make the molds, and adjusting the hearing aids. Paul, you have not only done all the above, tested, make the mold, adjusted and giving your time so freely, you show concern, compassion, professional, you have taken the time to explain, how to use and care for the product as well. I would recommend Heartland Better Hearing and Paul Wimp to all. Also, I might add, the staff, when you walk in there is a smile and courtesy, so Heartland Better Hearing is my number one for the best business in the Elizabethtown area. Paul the difference in our lives, because of your volunteering and caring, has made our lives richer and fuller.
Dean and Betty Daugherty Eastview, KY
“I’ve had hearing aids from Heartland Better Hearing for 5 1/2 years. I’ve purchased 2 sets previously from other places but neither lasted more than 2 years. I’m very satisfied with the care Paul Wimp has given in cleaning and caring for my devices. I’ve never had to do without them for even one day. Life is good when you can hear what’s happening around you and Heartland Better Hearing has made that possible for me.”
Jimmy Hornback
"I got back the sounds I had lost, children's laughter at play, birds singing and conversations I'd missed. I'm just thankful I can hear again."
Mary Radar Elizabethtown, KY
"I would recommend Heartland Better Hearing. Mr. Wimp is knowledgeable, caring and patient. He will take as much time as required to satisfy your needs and the prices are right as well."
Carol Withrow Elizabethtown, KY
"A few years ago my husband got a pair of hearing instruments from Veterans Administration (VA). They were never satisfactory. He tried another pair from VA and they were the same. Mr. Wimp graciously worked on them free of charge and they worked better afterwards. I went ahead and asked Mr. Wimp if he could make him a new pair and he did. My life has been better. I no longer have to repeat everything I say and I don't have to talk too loud. He can hear so much better."
Margaret Baughman Elizabethtown, KY
"Some years back I got a pair of hearing instruments from the Veteran Administration (VA). I had to keep sending them back to Denver. For some reason they were never satisfactory, so I tried another pair from the VA which were no better than the first. Mr. Wimp worked on both pairs free of charge. However, I was never satisfied. I asked Mr. Wimp if he could make me a pair. He did and now I hear things I thought I would never hear again. Thanks Mr. Wimp, I hear so much better."
Richard Baughman Elizabethtown, KY
"I am writing to express my gratitude for making time to see my husband, while we were visiting my aunt and uncle, for repairing a Resound Air hearing instrument when they broke during a trip to Kentucky. Your service and time went above what we were expecting for being out of town. Your kindness made our vacation more pleasurable. I will have my husband make time to have his exam and adjustments done by you when we make our trip from Illinois to Kentucky. Professional and attentive service like yours is hard to find these days. You can be certain I will recommend you at every opportunity I have."
Patricia Ladwig, Illinois
"I purchased hearing instruments from a hearing instrument center in Elizabethtown and was very dissatisfied with the service that I received there. I brought the instruments to Paul and not only is the service excellent, I can actually hear now. Paul takes the time to listen to the issues I have with the instruments and doesn't tell me that they are fine. I generally can get an appointment the same day I call and have never had to wait more than five minutes to be seen. Both Paul and Marc are extremely courteous and helpful. I would highly recommend their services to anyone that needs hearing instruments or already has them. You won't be dissatisfied with the treatment at Heartland Better Hearing."
Joann Muncey Elizabethtown, KY
"I would recommend Heartland Better Hearing to anyone needing hearing instruments. Paul Wimp is very knowledgeable about testing and fitting you with the instrument that fits your needs. I have been pleased with my instruments and very impressed with Paul's dedication to service after the sell."
Jimmie Lee Elizabethtown, KY
"Until I experienced it myself, I did not realize how devastating hearing loss can be to your quality of life. I was slowly withdrawing from conversations with friends and family, dreading to go to church or anywhere that involved my ability to hear and participate. The straining to hear and being able to take part in life is very depressing, after you lose that basic function of life. I had gotten to the point, I was refraining from much of normal daily activities and becoming depressed and withdrawn. After urging from my wife, I went to Heartland Better Hearing. After proper testing Paul Wimp set me up with some hearing aids. My quality of life is improving every day."
Mike Graham Irvington, KY
"I am in my late eighties and have used hearing instruments from various providers for many years. In December 2007, I switched to Paul Wimp at Heartland Better Hearing. Paul examined my hearing very thoroughly and prescribed me two behind-the-ear hearing instruments. I purchased them and found they were a great improvement over the instruments I had been using. But that is only the beginning of my story. All hearing instruments require maintenance and I have had occasions to go back to Paul numerous times for cleanings, adjustments and advice, all freely offered at no additional charge. Three years later, I am pleased with my hearing instruments and I am especially pleased with Paul's personal care and service after the sale."
Bill Swope Elizabethtown, KY
I first met Paul Wimp about 20 years ago and he has always been professional, knowledgeable and concerned that I could hear the very best I could. When I was hesitant about my new over the ear aids, he insisted that's what I needed; and he was right! I am grateful for his expertise and would recommend that anyone with hearing problems see him at Heartland Better Hearing in Elizabethtown.
Rosemari Mitchell Vine Grove, KY
"I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for making time to see me and for taking the time to repair my Resound Air hearing instrument when it broke during a trip to Kentucky. You went above and beyond to make sure my experience was the best it could be. I will definitely make the trip from Illinois to Kentucky every year to have my annual exam and hearing instrument adjustment done by you. Professional and attentive service like yours is hard to find these days. You can be certain I will recommend you at every opportunity I have."
Earl Ladwig , Illinois
"I have been wearing hearing instruments since I was 11, even though I didn't start to wear them regularly until I was 30. They have always helped me to hear and it is such a relief to hear others clearly without having to say "huh" and "what" every other word. Until recently I was going to another hearing instruments specialist in Elizabethtown Kentucky. If circumstances hadn't came up, I would have probably been seeing them instead of Paul Wimp. Luckily, I did see Mr. Wimp and I am amazed at the difference. I am now able to hear things that I couldn't before, like the ticking of my kitchen clock. Imagine my surprise as I sat in my kitchen with my newly adjusted hearing instruments, hearing a noise that I had never heard before. I always thought the clock was a silent model. I am so thankful to Paul Wimp and I will continue to see him in the future. I will also recommend Paul to everyone that has hearing instruments or needs hearing instruments."
Ann Soppeland Elizabethtown, KY