Most of our hearing aids come with a 3-year loss/crushed replacement (per aid).

All hearing aids come with a 1-year loss/crushed replacement (per aid).

*There is a $200 manufacturer charge for the loss/crushed replacement (per aid).

Trial Period Information

Most hearing instruments come with a 90 day trial period (Kentucky only requires a 30-day trial).

We honor most manufacturer warranties.

Phone and other hearing aid products

Door Beacon (Door Knock Signaler)

Vibration activated flashing light: alerts you to
someone knocking at the door
Hanging bracket and Velcro mount: attach to any door, at home or away, use in the workplace, hotel room, dorm, etc.
Great for privacy: bathroom, bedroom and etc.
Sensitivity switch: for different style doors
Battery operated: 9-volt battery (not included)
One year warranty

Sonic Ring Telephone (Signaler)

Built-in lamp outlet

Indicator light warns when lamp is turned off or bulb is burned  out

Setup Instructions:

  1. Plug the Sonic Ring into wall outlet
  2. Plug telephone cord into modular phone jack (Use optional  TWO-TO-ONE adapter if you want to plug the phone and  signaler into same jack)
  3. Plug lamp into outlet on the Sonic Ring
  4. Turn lamp to “ON” position


Works on many televisions
Wireless infrared
Need to hear better? The TV Ears+ model has the extra power for people with hearing loss (mild, moderate or severe). With TV Ears you will hear every word clearly and never disturb others again. Thousands of people have said, “TV Ears has changed my life.”
At only 1.6 oz., including battery, the TV Ears headset, with its soft cushion ear tips is so comfortable and light, you will forget you have it on. The design is perfect for reclining in your favorite chair or lying in bed.
Each person’s hearing is as unique as a fingerprint and that is why the TV Ears
The headset has independent, adjustable volume, tone and balance dials, which allow the user to customize the audio to match his/her hearing requirements.
The Automatic Volume Control (AVC) circuit automatically reduces annoying bursts in volume during commercials or channel surfing
Installing TV Ears: If your TV has “Audio Out Ports” on the back of the TV then simply use the universal audio cord that comes with your TV Ears. Plug the TV Ears transmitter into the back of your TV. It is simple…No “Audio Outs”? Use the Multi-Use Power Microphone to install your TV Ears
Wireless Television Audio Processing (TAP) technology is unique to TV Ears. The circuit in the transmitter automatically amplifies hard to hear words and lowers the volume to background sounds such as music, thereby, making television dialogue easy to hear and understand.
Use it on a television that does not have an “Audio Out Port.” The amazing Power Mic will pick up any sound and send it to the headset.

*Use your imagination, the Power Mic will pick up any sound. Simply velcro the power microphone to anything that makes sounds.
*The Power Mic is also perfect for quick installation on television when traveling to hotels or staying with friends or family.